Mindfulness Meditation and our Story

Mindfulness meditation and our scented candles and melts.

As teachers, we’ve spent most of our lives working in special needs schools,  focussing on  behaviour and how best to support young people who struggle with this. On a personal level, we understand the importance of self-care and focussing on well-being and the impact that this can have on your life. Over the years we’ve realised the importance of reducing anxiety and stress because of the huge impact that these have on our health and well-being. 

 There are lots of elements that matter, including your environment, and the colours and scents that you surround yourself with. 

For a long time we’ve used essential oils around our home because of their huge range of health benefits, recognising the effect  on the senses and on wider wellbeing. Because of this, we wanted to develop a way to combine the use of colour and fragrance and make candles that support mindfulness meditation, well-being and ultimately stress reduction.

Our candles and melts do just that – you can use them to support affirmations and mindfulness meditation and they’re also great for promoting energy healing and helping to create the optimal environment for well-being.  Why not give it a try – you might be surprised at how much more than just a candle they actually are!

From cocoon to butterfly...

In 2020, after a health scare that ended with one of us in hospital, we realised that how we were living was having a significant impact on our general health and wellbeing. We knew we needed to do something different, so took the huge step of selling up to move to the coast for a different way of living.

 We bought a small plot and began our journey of sustainability and doing something we love – in pursuit of health and wellness! 

Since then we have both experienced huge changes in our health, the biggest one being no visits to the doctor for over a year. Our lives were so stressful that we know that if it works for us it will work for others!

Scented candles , wax melts, soaps, and creams are things that we have developed for our personal well-being and that we use for reducing stress and supporting our well-being.

Our  journey is just beginning but sharing what we learn and what we make with other is also part of our DNA – come and join us and see the benefits for yourself. 

We trying to grow much of what we consume and sustainability and living close to nature is important to how we do things. To us it’s vital for our well-being and an important part of mindfulness meditation and stress reduction.

On our soon to be released vlog you can see our successes as well as our not so successful attempts on this journey!

This is our pursuit of happiness, health and well-being…and we hope you will join us and benefit from our journey.

Welcome to our World of Well-being.



Our team of 2..


Paula Clair

I'm the creative one, the one who makes the candles and melts! I love crocheting, knitting, sewing, baking -especially those projects that challenge me.

Paul Clair

The technical one - taking care of all things IT related.


Our Uniqueness

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We believe that the best route to well-being is through creating an environment where mind, body and soul can be in harmony. That’s why we’ve combined principles of colour psychology, aromatherapy, and spirituality in our products. The result is a range of scented environmentally friendly candles and wax melts using natural, sustainable and vegan ingredients.

Violet personalised chakra affirmation candle with a layer of white wax on top, topped with clear quartz crystals and contained in a 250ml glass jar

Colour & The Mind

It’s important to understand how colour and scent affects your mood if you’re going to create an environment that optimises wellbeing and mental clarity. 

We believe that the colours in nature are there to help us find the frequency to reduce stress and anxiety and that nature is the perfect mindfulness meditation tool. 

Colours and scent can improve focus and effect our mind in ways science has long understood.

Our scented candles and wax melts use this science to bring you to a place of calm and peace and optimise health and well-being. 

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Fragrance & The Body

Stress is something which  affects all people. Regardless of your age, you are likely to feel stress on a daily basis and this will impact on your health and wellness. .

Many studies have looked at scent in relation to stress, and concluded that specific scents significant benefits. These studies have found that the stress response in  participants reduced significantly when introduced to certain fragrances. 

Thanks to research like this, we know that our scented candles and wax melts can be used for relaxation and wellness. They’re also the perfect partner for mindfulness meditation based stress reduction techniques. 


Chakras & The Soul

We have a deep understanding of the role of Colours in relation to psychological impact and raising spiritual awareness. 

Chakras are the body’s energy centres. There are seven main Chakras—beginning at the base of the spine and ending at the crown of the head. They each correspond to different needs and emotions, and they each have their own colour too. 

Balancing and unblocking  your chakras  can be a powerful way to release or heal  the flow of  energy and enhance physical and spiritual wellbeing. Our scented candles and wax melts are designed to support this process and support health and wellness. 


Sustainability - The Planet

Our products are made with natural and sustainable ingredients to best support health and wellness. 

Our scented environmentally friendly candles and wax melts are handmade in small batches at our studio on the coast of north east Lincolnshire, UK. We use sustainable, natural, vegan friendly coconut and rapeseed wax, clean-burning cotton wicks and specially selected, essential oils and fragrance oils free of harmful parabens to produce an excellent scent throw. We individually blend, pour, label and finish each item by hand and always use environmentally friendly packaging and recyclable glass.

Our Passions

What makes us special is our absolute passion in combining all the elements to incorporate:

Mind – The effect of colour and scent on our thoughts and emotions.

Body – The impact of fragrance on our state of being.

Spirit – The role of colour and scent combined can enhance our spiritual understanding and awareness.

The Planet – Our aim is to live sustainably and naturally. We’re trying to do that by growing what we can and building a wildlife friendly environment to do our small part to sustain the planet.

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