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Self-Care Simplified
In a world where it can feel like you’re just bouncing from one task to another, it can be really easy to forget all about self-care. Who’s got time for that anyway, when the list of things...
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What are the best essential oils for sleep?
We all know how important it is to get a good nights sleep, but often that can be easier said than done! If you’re struggling with poor sleep, you might have tried a range of things to help – like exercise,...
wolf and moon
Howling at the Moon
It has been a while…but the Holly Blue Blog has returned. The first Full Moon of the year occurred on January the 17th – The Wolf Moon. And the blog has come out of hibernation. The Wolf Moon...
Scent and Memories
The sense of smell is our oldest and arguably the most powerful of all the senses. Our sense of smell can ignite memories and influence our mood and behaviour. Scent and memories are inextricably linked,...
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