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Howling at the Moon

It has been a while…but the Holly Blue Blog has returned.

The first Full Moon of the year occurred on January the 17th – The Wolf Moon. And the blog has come out of hibernation.

The Wolf Moon signifies Arrival and self-protection 

Arrival – The howling of the Wolf represents a territorial act of making one’s presence known. We have survived and are surviving the winter and are ready for the challenges of the new phase.

Self-protection – January is a time of emotional recovery where we can be at our lowest but facing those same emotions can give us the strength to carry on. 

We metaphorically or literally (depending on your vibe) howl at the moon in defiance and gratitude. The bright full moon during these dark nights helps us see our way through. If you can handle what has been then you can handle what is to come.

The dark nights are not over but we are through the worst of things. 

During this time feelings and issues around our family lives, our homes, and emotional well-being are central. We could feel more sensitive and in need of nurturing. Self-nurturing and the comfort of others. 

My understanding is that the moon is in the sign of Cancer the Crab and here we make a choice to hide away in our shells or to use this time or to face our problems, feelings, and emotions. Now is a time to plan. 

Dream of the impossible dreams as the dark nights could be here for a while more, but brighter days are ahead.

Meditation is a key tool at this time to combat the natural negativity that you may feel. As they say “its OK not to be OK”


We wanted to open this blog to you…please email or comment on topics and issues you want us to talk about or inform.  We want this to be for you…to help you find your inner strengths. 

“Know yourself and you shall know the universe” – Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Holly Blue Blog is about raising, balancing, and understanding the journey of the soul and how it affects us all. 

The Holly Blue Blog will be out every two weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this…see you soon!!!

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