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Mindfulness Meditation & the Moon

The Celestial 

Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between mindfulness meditation and the moon? Modern life means we can spend so much time looking down at our devices or looking at our screens. As a result, we can sometime neglect or forget the natural beauty and mysteries that surround us. The objects in our night sky need our attention.

                “As above, so below”

One of the key tools of Mindfulness is to be able to place yourself at the center your universe. Knowing something about the things above us can help with focus. Our closest celestial body is the Moon.

The Moon and you 

The term “lunatic” derives from the Latin word lunaticus, which originally referred mainly to behaviours, moods and madness thought to be caused by the moon. 

The Online Etymology Dictionary tells us that from the late 13th century the term was commonly used to describe those “affected with periodic insanity dependent on the changes of the moon”.

Greek Philosophers and astrologers commonly used the lunar effect to argue a correlation between specific stages of the roughly 29.5-day lunar cycle and behaviour and physiological changes in living beings on Earth.

Even in the modern-day full moons are recognised as having some effect on us. The response of an experienced police officer to a BBC researcher.

 “…undoubtedly on full moons we do seem to get people with sort of strange behaviour – more fractious…argumentative”.

Modern data science tells us it’s all just a coincidence…  

We all can, and probably will, suffer some mental health difficulty in our lives and so we all can be crazy from time to time…it makes us human. Do we naturally have our own unexplained high and low times…can understanding the moon help us a little?

Moon Phases

The phases of the Moons are also significant and if we exclude the invisible New Moon there are 7 phases. (That number Seven again!!! See Seed of life ) 

Some have argued that the phases of the moon represent spiritual or cosmic energy increasing as it waxes reaching full energy at the full moon and the energy leaves us as the moon wanes.

The full moon takes place in the 4th Phase – Four being the number of the Heart Chakra. The Heart is an important Emotional center for Health, Harmony and Balance. Full moon days are good ones for meditations and affirmations…seems to be something in the air!!! 

An awareness of the phases of the moon can also help you understand yourself and your moods – especially if you consider the link between mindfulness meditation and the moon. There may be times of the month where you feel less energetic or more emotional. You should take the time to see if and how the phases affect you. 

Types of Moon

All the year’s full Moons have names that represent what time of the year they signified. 

Although ancient, many of the terms are familiar to our behaviour during points of year. For example, the last Seven days we have been experiencing the effect of the Waning (Fading) Hunters Moon. 

Historically the Hunters or Blood Moon represented the final Hunt before winter and the final

chance to get large meat and skins  before the cold came in. As the moon fades – It is a time where one can feel rushed or a desire or stress to be organised for the coming cold spell…some stress felt at this time is natural and will fade naturally.

The Hunters Moon is followed by November’s Beaver Moon. Historically a time when many beaver traps were set. This is the very last time to get bits and pieces for the cold spell. We spend a lot of this time beavering about. The Final Moon of the year is the Cold Moon in December, comfort and warmth both physically and emotionally are especially important at this time of year.

Hope you enjoyed a bit of food for thought. 


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